Aesthetic medicine for every skin type
From concept to MVP I was the lead product designer for Open Beauty—an aesthetic medicine platform that matches users with clinicians based on their unique skin needs. 
Design Research
Brand Design
UI/UX Design
In a predominantly white aesthetic medicine industry, it’s often difficult for people of color to find the right clinician to cater to their specific needs based on their skin type.  
A beauty platform that creates a unique skin profile for each user, then matches them with certified clinicians who specialize in their skin type and particular needs. 
As lead product designer for Open Beauty's MVP, I managed all elements of the product from concept to high fidelity while working with the founder to bring her vision to life.
Design Research
A conversion based on trust
Committing to a procedural change to your body, often in an important physical area, is a thoughtful (and sometimes nerve-wracking) decision. 
An unaddressed touchpoint
Aesthetic medicine providers tend to specialize in certain procedures, as well as certain skin types—as skin type and genetic makeup often play a part in determining how someone will react to a procedure.

But finding the right provider typically relies on word of mouth. 
Aesthetic medicine generally delineates 6 different skin types. 
Photos courtesy Angélica Dass, "Humanae"
Because I entered the project without personal experience in aesthetic medicine, I began by interviewing and observing 18 users in Open Beauty's target demographic to better understand the process of finding a suitable provider.
Through my research an interesting trend emerged: users with particular skin types had created WhatsApp groups in geographic hubs around the country to share referrals and get insights into trustworthy providers. 
Validation of aesthetic medicine providers generally stems from trusted peer-to-peer referral, not the qualifications or clinical pedigree of the practitioner.
So we sought to create an experience where users would feel heard and cared for, matching and scheduling appointments with providers would be seamless, and a peer-to-peer network would be streamlined and accessible long-term.
Open Beauty provides matching with clinicians based on skin type, seamless booking and scheduling, and a flourishing user community.
Aesthetic medicine patients, particular focus on women of color
Desktop & Mobile
Aesthetic Identity
As with most healthcare brands and interfaces, white space was a staple of Open Beauty's look and feel. We chose orange as a primary accent color for OB's brand, complimented by a fresh sky blue to create vibe that was fresh, unique, and sophisticated.

I worked with the founder on curating a set of feature images that highlighted the beauty of a range of skin tones, and devised a hand-drawn iconography style that felt both friendly and refined.
After signing up, users are led through an assessment to build a profile of their unique skin type and treatment interests.

I worked with the founder on adapting the widely-used Fitzpatrick skin quiz into a format that felt more conversational than clinical, allowing users to feel heard and cared for while setting up their customized experience.
Once a user's OB profile is created with their skin type, treatment interests, gender identity, and a host of other demographical characteristics, treatments are presented with unique "symbols" that give an indication of provider fit.
Home Page
I wanted to create a main page that was as Vogue as it was Zocdoc: an experience that was inspiring and refined while allowing for exceptionally intuitive browsing and scheduling.
Platform Content
In addition to OB's core product, I designed a blog-style content experience to be integrated throughout the interface that allowed users to browse and explore relevant content in addition to procedures and providers.

I drew inspiration from the types of content I observed in the WhatsApp groups mentioned in the user research section, as well as the prominent publications that already exist in the industry.
Softness, elegance
Because our goal was to be the best of a medical tool as well as a content platform, I paid special attention to maintaining a visual language that felt like a trendy blog without losing its clean and lightweight clinical aesthetic.
Booking & Scheduling
To keep users in the platform from start to finish, I designed a seamless booking experience that gives personalized information on the provider and practice, allows for simple and clear scheduling, and even includes a map API to filter providers by location.